Stream a Pi Camera to Oracle Cloud

Photo by Haydan As-soendawy from Pexels


1. You have an OCI account or a Free Tier Account.

Optional Prerequisites

1. Optional but good for testing; Followed along with Tim’s article Cloud Camera — Simulating a Source to have a live feed rather than a simulated source.

Setup a Rasbperry Pi

1. Set up an SD card with your favorite OS. Here’s how you can install Oracle Linux but Raspberry Pi OS is super easy to install with the Raspberry Pi Imager. Whichever OS you decide to use, they will all work and there are reasons to use each one.


Bullseye: This is the latest Raspberry Pi OS.
Buster: This is the previous Raspberry Pi OS.

Setup a Rasbperry Pi for Camera Streaming

Now that you have an SD card with an OS let’s set it up to start streaming some video to Oracle Cloud. These directions should work with Raspberry Pi OS and Oracle Linux using any Raspberry Pi. These are the video formats that are supported:

  1. At this point you can run VLC on your local machine and stream there, or you can follow the directions in Tim’s article in the optional prerequisites above to setup Oracle Cloud to receive the stream. To run VLC locally on a Mac for example run the following:

    /Applications/ udp://@:<Port> :demux=avformat



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Chris Bensen

Chris Bensen

I make stuff for myself and Oracle. Creator of the Worlds Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster and Lego Computer.