Happy Pi Day — Win a Free Raspberry Pi 4

Chris Bensen
2 min readMar 14, 2023


I’m blamed for causing the Raspberry Pi shortage because I built the World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster with 1050 Raspberry Pi 3B+. In my defense I didn’t, all Pi were purchased in February 2019, you can read all about it here. But in March 2020 I had some time to kill as most of us did and there were some deals on Pi 4 so I picked a bunch up. Not 1,000 of them, but a healthy stockpile.

So today, because there are a lot of people without and I have I am giving away one Raspberry Pi 4B+ with 4gb of RAM and one SD card. To enter the raffle, follow these steps and watch the video below:

  1. Subscribe to this video
  2. Like this video
  3. Comment on this video with what you will do with the Pi
  4. 4. Send an email to thegreatraspberrypigiveaway@gmail.com and in the email include the username you commented with so I can verify you are subscribed, liked the video and commented.

The drawing will end on noon Pacific Standard Time March 19th and a video will be posted on March 20th announcing the winner. You will receive an email to get your address and badabing badaboom, you get a Pi. The Pi and SD card are free to the person randomly picked that follows the directions above and shipping will be paid for to the lower 48 United States. If you are somewhere else on the planet you will pay shipping and customs. I’ll ask you to send me a shipping label.

Happy Pi Day!

This is the first of many new videos where I will build cool projects. For example, here is the last Christmas ornament I made.



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