World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster That We Know Of

So you have some crazy idea and want to build a demo. This seven step process should help you turn that idea into something that has value for developers and shows everyone how smart you are. When you hit the right combination of technology, showmanship and intrigue, it’s magical. One of my most popular demos is the World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster. It was designed to be an in person experience showcasing a lot of different technologies but then the world changed. So the experience was adjusted and I created a video of building the World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster.

Pi, Arduino, IC2, Brushless Motors

A Rabbit Hole

All too often someone shows something they built and maybe a short video or blog post about how it was done, but the directions are far from complete and the rationale behind the choices is lacking. The reason I’m doing this series is to show the process and the rationale behind the choices. At the end we will have something that’s pretty cool. Trust me. The problem is that things always take more time than expected. I thought I’d be a little further than where I’m currently at, but there’s been some discovery and research along the way. …

Pi Zero Custom Breadboard

Every time I start a new project it’s different. Different set of challenges, different tools, different infrastructure and requirements. An entirely different end product.

I usually work on new projects, prototyping things that nobody has done before. Usually we know what the end product needs to be, but sometimes we’re discovering that as we go. I’m a big fan of Kaizen, which is Japanese for “continuous improvement”. I like to start off by taking a step back and looking at what is required, and with 80% of the knowledge, make a gut decision based on experience and jump right in.

Chris Bensen

I make stuff for myself and Oracle. Creator of the Worlds Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster and Lego Computer.

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